From the Principal’s Desk…

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Elementary School for the 2019– 2020 school year. We hope that everyone had an enjoyable summer and that the students are excited about their return.

Whether your child is returning to Our Lady of Lourdes CES or attending for the first time, we are excited that you will be part of the Our Lady of Lourdes CES community. Our goal is to create a Christ-centered, positive, encouraging and stimulating learning environment for our students so that each child will have the opportunity to learn, experience and grow to his or her potential.

We believe that to achieve the most fulfilling and rewarding education for your child, we must work together as a team. Children’s attitudes, values, and self-concepts are molded at home and at school; therefore, a positive and mutually supportive home/school partnership is essential to encourage learning, skill development, self-discipline, responsibility, respect for self, others and the environment, appropriate values and a sense of self-worth. We look forward to your continued support throughout the school year.

Please take note that our school website will be an important source of information.  Please be sure to visit regularly.  More information can be found in the front section of the student agenda. School wide important dates will now be found on the website calendar.  Please take careful note of the dates listed and add them to your calendar.

A warm welcome is extended to our new staff members:

Full Day Kindergarten – Katie Sousa

Grade 1 – Lindsay Zettel

Special Education – Tina DeFreitas in am / Special Education – TBD in pm

ESL/Planning Time- Jodi Dejaegher

Itinerant Music – Kelly Brown and Natalie Kroetsch

Educational Assistant – Zachary Drakes

Temp Educational Assistants – Danielle Taylor and Stephanie Huber

Lunch Hour Supervisor – Amy Gazzola

Early Childhood Educator Assistant in Extended Day- Tala Khawaja

A complete list of all staff can be found on our school website.  If you have not already done so, please sign up to receive our newswire for communication regarding school events. While on the school website please also sign up for School Cash OnLine to send funds regarding class trips/events to reduce cash coming to school and sign all permission forms. Please note that this year School Cash OnLine will be the only method to make payment and provide consent for educational excursions. As well, you may follow us on twitter @OLOLFlames for updates on school events. Please call the school office if you require assistance, we are happy to help you get signed up to stay connected to the Our Lady of Lourdes CES community.

Looking forward to an awesome school year ahead.

Yours truly,

Terri-Lynn Geisel