Dear Parents and Guardians:

To most of us, the Christmas season is filled with the exciting rush of attending parties, buying presents and planning menus. To others, it is a distressing time. Once again, in the spirit of the Christmas season, Our Lady of Lourdes School Council has assembled the Angel Tree in the front foyer of the school. The lights will be lit one by one by the generosity of our school community. As we have done over the last five years; donations of hats, mittens and socks of all sizes will be collected and donated to St. Vincent de Paul. St. Vincent de Paul distributes gifts to families in need on Saturday December 7th, which provides them with a perfect time to also distribute our donations. With colder temperatures upon us, the participants will be a little warmer, and a little more prepared because of your generosity.

When the item is received at the school, your child will be invited to pick an angel off our Angel Tree to represent your gift to an individual in trying times. The student body will witness the gift of giving as the angels go home with them. Let them be a reminder to us all of the little things we can do, not just during the holiday season, but throughout the year; just as Jesus taught us to do. “Being the light of Jesus for others.”

Please take a moment to reflect how this opportunity will not only enrich these individuals’ Christmas but how it will also enrich your family’s Christmas.

Hats and mittens and socks for all ages will be accepted at the office from  November 28th – December 5th


OLOL School Council