We have several students and staff attending Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School with severe allergies that can cause an anaphylactic reaction. An anaphylactic reaction is an allergic reaction so severe that it can cause death. These children have a severe allergy to Peanuts /Nut Products and Eggs. We also have children/staff with sensitivity to scents or other food products. Since these children can react to trace amounts, inhaling or ingesting even minute amounts can trigger a life-threatening reaction. Emergency treatment involves immediate drug injection and a trip to the hospital.

These children with this allergy are showing admirable restraint and maturity in dealing with their problem. They are taught not to share any food because of a possible reaction. All of us need to do what we can to provide these children with a safe learning environment. Although this may or may not affect your child’s class directly, we respectfully ask that you make every effort not to send food products to school that contain or may contain peanuts, peanut butter or nut products, remembering to check ingredients carefully. Your understanding is sincerely appreciated.