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Information and Reminders for Parents and Students

Dear OLOL Families,

A reminder that tomorrow, Friday, June 1st is a PD Day and there is no school for students.

Our upcoming week at Our Lady of Lourdes will be a very significant and special one. WCDSB’s pastoral plan allows us to celebrate together as “People of Faith”. During WCDSB’s Spiritual Day, we blessed a beautiful cross which has been traveling throughout our Board and local parishes. This pilgrimage allows our staff and students to reflect on Luke’s gospel (24: 13-35), the ‘Road to Emmaus’. Reflecting on Jesus’ love for us all and walking alongside Jesus, this gospel story frames our faith beautifully. It will give us an opportunity to share personal faith stories, renew our hearts to the call of Jesus in our lives, and walk with one another as we deepen our relationship with God.

On Monday, June 4th, Our Lady of Lourdes School and Parish will receive the cross. We are creating our Sacred Space in our Learning Commons. All classes will visit the cross while contemplating ‘The Road to Emmaus’ and what it means to them. Walking with Jesus, and turning to him in times of despair. Each student will have a chance to create an offering which will be laid at the base of the cross.

Wednesday, June 6th, our pilgrimage to the Church begins. Our entire school will walk to the parish with our students holding the cross and guiding us in. Father Rafal will lead us in a mass, celebrating this special occasion. All family and community members are invited to attend.

Our cross will remain at the Church, allowing weekend parishioners to witness it as well. OLOL students will set the context for each mass by reading and reflecting on its significance.

On Monday, June 11th, our Intermediate students will walk the cross to assemble with St. John’s CES. This pilgrimage will involve transferring the cross from our students to theirs, emphasizing WCDSB’s collective faith in action.

Father Toby Collins framed our pilgrimage experience well in this videoclip:

We hope you can join us in our mass and can reflect with your children on this significant event.

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