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Increase the Peace Week

Increase the Peace Week

Our Lady of Lourdes School

November 20th – 24th

Our Lady of Lourdes strives to ensure the social engagement of all students, creating a positive school culture.  We have a multitude of programs that focus on building positive relationships and fostering an environment of caring and respect.  Throughout the school, classroom meetings are being held on a regular basis.  This allows students the opportunity to promote positive interactions and reinforce respective and inclusive classrooms. The common practice of Christian Meditation allows the students to centre themselves in a meaningful form of prayer.

Our “Catch a Flame” initiative continues, concentrating on promoting good deeds.  This is a wonderful way to celebrate our students and their positive contributions to OLOL.  When students are ‘caught’ doing something kind for others they will be given a “Catch a Flame” to record their name.  Names will be drawn on a regular basis as a chance for students to be rewarded for their choices.  The Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations remain central to the Lourdes culture.  These virtues are introduced and awarded at each of our Flames Assemblies.  This is another terrific way to celebrate our students and their many gifts and talents. Students are also ‘caught’ demonstrating Grit, recording what they are proud of and having their picture displayed.

Our Student Events Team enhances the culture of OLOL by planning engaging, student driven activities.  Theme days, spirit wear days and many activities are facilitated by this group.  This creates an environment of celebration where students enjoy their time at school.  Photos are taken and slideshows are created.  Students appreciate viewing these within our assembly time.

Intramurals are being introduced at this time as well. This is an opportunity for our junior students to build connections while demonstrating leadership. The physical activity combined with fun leads to active students ready to learn. Our We Team has been formed and has begun to focus on new and exciting social justice initiatives.

Events for the Week

Monday, November 21st –        Faith Leading Youth Team kicks off to Increase the Peace week with classroom visits

Tuesday, November 22nd –     “Peace in our Schools” – Can you Pay it Forward?

  • Pink Shirt Day

Wednesday, November 23rd – “Peace in our Community” – Community Building Activity – Graffiti Fun

  • Carole Aldworth classroom visits

Thursday, November 24th – “Peace in our World” – Whole School Christian Meditation

  • Carole Aldworth classroom visits

Friday, November 25th –    “Celebrating Diversity” – Multicultural Day

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