Welcome to the COBS Bread The Boardwalk Dough Raiser Program!!

Our Lady of Lourdes School has just partnered with COBS Bread in an on-going fundraiser. What we need from the school families is your support to shop at COBS Bread and before the transaction is paid for, let them know your child attends Our Lady of Lourdes. Your total will be added to your “tab” and in June, the school will receive 10% of that total back which we can be utilized to fund different programs/events within the school.
* Only eligible for the immediate family of the attending child(ren)
* You need to notify the staff before you pay
* Program runs through the summer months as well
COBS Bread is THE local community bakery!
Offering a huge bread selection, sweet and savoury treats, all baked on premise, from scratch, without added preservatives! Products are Baked Today ~ Sold Today!! And all our unsold product is donated to local charity partners through our End of Day Giving Program.
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