COBS Bread – Ongoing School Fundraiser

Welcome to the COBS Bread The Boardwalk Dough Raiser Program!!

Our Lady of Lourdes School has just partnered with COBS Bread in an on-going fundraiser. What we need from the school families is your support to shop at COBS Bread and before the transaction is paid for, let them know your child attends Our Lady of Lourdes. Your total will be added to your “tab” and in June, the school will receive 10% of that total back which we can be utilized to fund different programs/events within the school.
* Only eligible for the immediate family of the attending child(ren)
* You need to notify the staff before you pay
* Program runs through the summer months as well
COBS Bread is THE local community bakery!
Offering a huge bread selection, sweet and savoury treats, all baked on premise, from scratch, without added preservatives! Products are Baked Today ~ Sold Today!! And all our unsold product is donated to local charity partners through our End of Day Giving Program.
Follow COBS bread on Facebook for promotions and to see more about their yummy products!
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Flames Assembly Correction:

Yesterday recipients of last month’s OCSGE were recognized for the trait “I Am a Believer” – Because I am a Believer, I will live my life like Jesus.

Students were introduced to “I Have a Voice”. The recipients for “I Have a Voice” will be at the Flames Assembly on January 17th.

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Flames Update:

Congratulations to the following students who are the recipients of the Team Player Award “An Effective Communicator”: JK/SK1 Dorothy, JK/SK2 Emma, JK/SK3 Basil, G1 Brooklyn G1/2 Jack, G2 Avery, G2/3 Miko, G3 Liam, G4 Eva, G4/5 Lauren, G5 Sadie, G6 Luila, G6/7 Marcus, G7 Kate, G8 Ryder.

“An Effective Communicator” Because I have a voice, I will use it wisely, and I will live my life like Jesus.

 A reminder of the following dates in December:

December 7 is a PA Day. There is no school for students.

Christmas Break is December 24 – January 4 inclusive. Students return to school on Monday January 7, 2019

Safety Reminders:

A reminder that all visitors, including parents/guardians, to the school are required to report directly to the office at all times. If your child has forgotten an item at home, we will be happy to deliver to their classroom at a convenient time that is not disruptive to teaching time.

If your child is going to be absent, please call the school preferably before 8:00 a.m. to let us know the reason your child will be away. Our answering machine is available 24/7.

Please continue to refer to our website to view our calendar and updates.

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OLOL Christmas Card Design Contest

Calling All Artists!

Students of Our Lady of Lourdes School are cordially invited to participate in the School’s Christmas Card Design Contest.

One winning entry will be selected from each of the divisions.

(JK – Grade 3, Grades 4 – 6, and Grades 7 – 8)

    • Student designs should be submitted to the office on 8½” x 11” plain white paper.
    • Please put your name and grade and teacher on the back of your paper.
    • While not mandatory, students are encouraged to submit a design that has a spiritual theme.
    • Colours need to be definite for optimum effect.
    • The deadline for all submissions is Monday, December 3rd.

Winning entries will be printed and used by the School when sending greetings to others during the Christmas season.

Each of the winning designers will receive a gift certificate to Chapters.  All entries will be entered a draw for a Christmas Gingerbread Kit.

We look forward to your participation!


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Our Lady of Lourdes Angel Tree

Dear Parents and Guardians:

To most of us, the Christmas season is filled with the exciting rush of attending parties, buying presents and planning menus. To others, it is a distressing time. Once again, in the spirit of the Christmas season, Our Lady of Lourdes School Council has assembled the Angel Tree in the front foyer of the school. The lights will be lit one by one by the generosity of our school community. As we have done over the last few years; donations of hats and mittens and socks will be collected and donated to St. Vincent de Paul. St. Vincent de Paul hosts a sandwich Saturday once a month to provide food and companionship to people who haven’t a home. With colder temperatures upon us, the participants will be a little warmer, and a little more prepared because of your generosity.

When the gift is received at the school, your child will be invited to light a bulb on the Angel Tree. The child will be able to pick an angel off our tree to represent the gift you gave an individual in trying times. The student body will witness the gift of giving as the tree starts to radiate goodness and sharing, just as Jesus taught us to do. “Being the light of Jesus for others.”

Please take a moment to reflect how this opportunity will not only enrich these individuals’ Christmas but how it will also enrich your family’s Christmas.

Hats and mittens and socks for all ages will be accepted at the office from  November 26th – December 6th


OLOL School Council

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Board Game Club – Donations Requested

Dear Families,

We recognize that many of our students love to play board games. Although it looks like child’s play, there are many benefits to playing games with peers.

The Skills Board Games develop:

  • Turn taking
  • Math skills
  • Mental flexibility
  • Exercising your brain
  • Strategy development
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Team work
  • Resiliency
  • Building relationships

We are currently in the process of beginning a board games club for students during recess. If you have any gently used games at home that is no longer being used by your family, we would gladly accept any board games that you are willing to donate to Our Lady of Lourdes CES. The board games would be housed in a central location for all students to have access. If you are able to donate any of your gently loved board games, please drop off your generous donation to the office.

Thanks for considering,

Mrs. TL Geisel


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Monday, November 19th – Friday, November 23rd


This year at OLOL we will be participating in some fun, exciting and meaningful activities as a school community!


Monday – guest speaker Errol Lee

Tuesday – community building activity

Wednesday – classroom visits from Mrs. Aldworth

Thursday – classroom visits from Mrs. Aldworth

Friday – pink shirt day


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